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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We truly appreciate it! We are experts in exterior stucco and color coats, sometimes referred to as “ skim coats ” of new stucco. Our knowledgeable services include converting wood siding, brick, and even cinder block to stucco. We offer foam window trim, foam door trim and decorative foam trim accents for your home or commercial project for remodels and new construction. Ask about our limestone stucco too!

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Our services include:

Color coatsDecorative stucco and limestone trim for doors and windows Wall accents for your homeSmall commercial projectsRoom additionsPatchworkNew constructionUpdating the look of brick fireplaces

We pride ourselves on getting the job done right! We treat each and every one of our projects as if it were our own. Our regular customers particularly value our constant ability to provide them with reliable and trustworthy services.

TNT Plastering was established by Don Thorvund in 1983. Although he lives in Tracy, California, his work can be seen in many counties of the San Francisco Bay Area.


In the beginning, our major market was individual homeowners requesting “ color coats ”. A color coat is applying new stucco over old stucco to change the color, texture, and enhance the appearance of a home.

Since that time, we have moved into home additions, new and custom home construction, and commercial buildings.

Through the years, Don and his crew have developed a wonderful application of “ faux ” stone, creating a unique plaster product that resembles limestone and other natural rock. This “ faux ” stone is much more affordable than real rock and offers a wider range of textures and colors.

A few seasons ago TNT Plastering became a certified dealer/installer for a product called Century Stone. Century Stone offers a 9000 psi rating -- that's three times the strength of concrete.

Some of the outstanding custom work we have completed can be seen in:

the Wiebel Hills of FremontRuby Hill in PleasantonBlackhawkDanvilleAthertonAlamoOaklandBerkeley Hills

Alameda County Spring Home & Garden Show

In 2008, we introduced Century Stone at the Alameda County Spring Home & Garden Show in Pleasanton, California. We met many new customers, and even spent time visiting with existing customers who came to the show! Many thanks to those who stopped by!


Overlay Information

Concrete has been the preferred product of engineers for years in the construction of roadways, bridges, buildings, sidewalks, driveways, patios and many other foundations -- all because of its reliability to perform for an almost indefinite period of time.

Concrete has been the choice of engineers as well as consumers for it's beauty and functionality. It is now that we would like to introduce you to Century Stone Concrete Coatings!

Century Stone Products combine current day concrete technologies with decorative natural stone that makes the beauty of concrete so much more noticeable and personable. The technology used in the development of cool concrete surfaces has been used for almost 30 years in the sun-belt regions on patios and pool decks providing an outside location for entertaining family and friends.

The designs and textures are simply limited by your imagination!

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Overlay FAQs

Who is CenturyStone Concrete Products?

CenturyStone Concrete Products was created in 2000 by its parent company The Eaton Company, who has over 24 years experience in general engineering construction technology. CenturyStone Concrete Products was formed to develop and manufacture high performance concrete systems for industrial as well as decorative applications. Its primary product is CenturyStone Concrete Coatings.

What is CenturyStone concrete coatings?

CenturyStone Concrete Products has developed various systems for repairing and restoring concrete surfaces and structures, including a crack repair system, that, collectively, has evolved into a variety of decorative coatings and patterns for pool decks, patios, driveways, garage floors as well as heavy-duty industrial applications for warehouse floors and parking garages.

What is it made of?

The CenturyStone concrete coatings are, essentially, high-performance concrete formulas designed from “New Century” polymer technology. The backbone of CenturyStone Concrete Coatings are the acrylic polymer modifiers that promotes a high bond strength and extreme durability to the concrete coatings. The acrylic modifiers are dispersed in a concrete mixture containing cement, and a high content quartz aggregate matrix. The modified concrete possesses enhanced strength as well as improvement of many properties over standard concrete systems.

How strong is it?

Generally speaking, most acrylic-modified concrete designs are twice the strength of normal concrete. A concrete mixture designed to yield 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch) will yield over 6,000 psi if modified by an acrylic polymer additive. CenturyStone Concrete Coatings yield over 9000 psi (over 3 times the normal strength of concrete).

How is it applied?

CenturyStone Concrete Coatings can be applied by trowel, squeegee or broom depending on the nature of repair and desired finish.

What can it be applied to?

Most systems can be applied to concrete, wood, tile and stone. It can generally be applied to any stable subbase regardless of its composition (in other words, it can bond to almost anything).

In what weather can it be applied?

Warm weather is the best for application as it will have a faster curing time. However, all systems can be applied in most any weather (except direct rain or freezing temperatures).

What makes CenturyStone concrete coatings unique?

Natural Stone Beauty with 99% Pure Quartz from North AmericaOver 9,000 psi in 28 daysOver 6,000 psi in 3 daysAll Weather TechnologyHighly Reflective of HeatEasy to CleanLow Maintenance


Overlay Photos

A recreational vehicle (RV) pad, before Century Stone. The pattern that will be used will follow existing lines and natural settling cracks.

The same RV pad after Century Stone. Notice how the pattern followed the existing lines and settling cracks.

The same RV pad with sealer. Ready for use!

Interior floor before and after sealer.

Patio area before and after.

Patio area before and after.

Sliding door patio area before and after.

Fireplace area with limestone and overlay. Our overlay can be carved, too!

The same design, close up.

The same design with our high gloss sealer, as well as a small wall area beside it.

Pool gate area before and after.

Pool area before and after.

Pool area before and after.

Driveway with overlay.


Plaster Information

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Fireplaces can become dated. Or, they can be a clean slate waiting for a new and personalized look. Are you tired of your existing river rock or brick fireplace? Limestone stucco can be applied to existing fireplaces to completely update the look. New homes can also benefit from the limestone stucco product. Once again, the only limit here is your imagination.

Before and after.

Before and after.

Before and after.

Before and after.

Before and after.

Before and after.

A new fireplace insert given a southwestern look with limestone stucco.

Other side of brick fireplace redone with limestone stucco.

This was a traditional brick fireplace that was designed to function in two rooms. Unfortunately, we do not have a before picture, but you can see how the limestone stucco updated its look.



Window trim can either be traditional stucco or limestone stucco. One of the easiest ways to dress up your existing home, or improve the appearance of your new home, is with the use of limestone stucco window molds. Our window molds come in a variety of shapes and colors and are easily installed on new or existing homes. Limestone stucco window molds perfectly compliment the installation of new, energy efficient windows that many homeowners are installing. In addition to limestone stucco window trim, we offer traditional stucco finished window trim, too!

This limestone stucco window molding was applied to a new home. Note how it dramatically improves the appearance of a basic window.

This limestone stucco window mold was applied during a color coat of an existing home. This window demonstrates some of your options: keystones on top and corbels below the sill.

Limestone stucco window molds can be used on corner windows as well. This window dresses up an entryway.

Here is a close up of a limestone stucco window sill. Note the aged look of the molding.

Limestone stucco can also be used on the interior of windows or as decorative indoor door moldings.


Floors and more!

Limestone stucco can be used to create a pattern for a floor in a variety of colors, and is very low maintenance. Limestone stucco countertops can be done to have the look of concrete with a much lighter weight factor. Smooth or patterned textures are some of your options, as well as a variety of colors. Like our limestone stucco fireplaces, the look for floors and countertops is only limited to your imagination.

Limestone stucco makes a great low maintenance floor covering. When properly sealed, a simple wet mop will keep it clean. Limestone stucco floors can be applied indoors or outdoors, over slab floors or sub flooring.

Limestone stucco floor in a living room. This was originally a carpeted room over a slab floor. Carpet and padding were removed, and limestone stucco was applied over the concrete.

This is another view of the same limestone stucco floor. Several colors were applied, then the floor was sealed.

This limestone stucco floor was applied over sub flooring. Color, grout, and sealing have not yet been applied.

This is the same limestone stucco floor after the color, grout, and sealing have been applied.

This is an outdoor entryway that has been coated with limestone stucco.

This limestone stucco entryway was applied over aggregate stone pads.


Custom Projects

We pride ourselves by working one-on-one directly with our customers. We are able to create the finished result they seek with their project by meeting with them at the beginning, and keeping in touch each step of the way. We treat all our jobs as if they were our own. In doing so we have very satisfied customers who are our best source of referral for new projects.

This is a dramatic entryway that has been treated with limestone stucco. Note that the columns, soffet, and trim are all limestone stucco.

A custom range hood, with a close up photo of the kitchen wall behind it. They are done in a southwestern style.


Before and After

Before and after pictures are great; they show you what we started with, and the finished results! Always amazing!

Before (wood siding).

After (stucco).

Before (old stucco exterior and wood columns).

After (new stucco and stucco columns).

Before (cinder block exterior).

After (new stucco with window and door trim).

Before (cinder block exterior and fireplace).

After (stucco exterior and stucco fireplace). Notice the carvings on the fireplace surface.

Before (interior fireplace insert with faux wood surrounding).

After (limestone stucco).


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